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NETC Library Services: Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan Procedures

NETC Library interlibrary loan procedures

How to request an interlibrary loan

  • Step 1: Search our catalog

Search our online catalog for the item you need to borrow.

  • Step 2: Find out if the item is available to lend

Verify that we can lend the item to you.

Under the Holdings section at the bottom of the item's record page, look under the column labeled Availability. It will either state “Available” or “Not for Loan.”

If the item is Available, go to Step 3.

  • Step 3: Contact your local library

Contact your local public, corporate or college library and speak with their reference librarian. Provide the librarian with a printout of or link to the item's record from our catalog.

  • Step 4: Your library decides who to borrow from

Your library takes it from here. There are several ways that your local library might use to get the item you need. Borrowing the item from us is only one of the ways. As an example, a library closer to you than the NETC Library may own the item.

Tell your librarian that the NETC Library does not charge for ILL (some libraries do) and that the OCLC code (the librarian will know what this is) used for contacting us on the ILL network is “NFP.” Your librarian can contact us at 800-638-1821 with any questions.

  • Step 5: Your library makes a request

Your local library will electronically request the item if the librarian decides to borrow from us. We will promptly act on the request and after we approve it, we will send the item to your library to loan to you. You may borrow the item for one month.

  • Step 6: Return the item

When you are finished with the item, return it to your library and they will mail it back to us. You may keep most photocopied items.

ILL Policies

The interlibrary loan (ILL) period from the NETC Library is one month.

Loan approval may depend on the number of titles we own and the age, size and/or cost of a title. These titles are not eligible for ILL:

  • Reference and reserve materials.
  • National Fire Academy and Emergency Management Institute course materials.
  • Extremely large, fragile or expensive items.
  • High-demand titles at the National Emergency Training Center.
  • Entire magazine issues. We will photocopy an article(s) and send it to the requester.

Systematic reproduction of entire journals is prohibited by U.S. copyright law. Your library must conform to U.S. copyright guidelines when obtaining copies of journal articles through an interlibrary loan network.
The requesting library must be in the United States. We will loan to foreign libraries that are members of INFIRE or exempted by the NETC librarian.

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